Image In the case of inclement weather, K'tanim follows the Hamden Public School system.

If there is a delay in Hamden (no matter the time delay) K'tanim opens at 10:15 am. We close at regular time. If the Hamden public schools are closed, then K'tanim is closed for the day.

 K'tanim does not make up snow days at the end of the year.

K’tanim (little ones) Nursery School at Temple Beth Sholom

The newly renovated K’tanim Nursery School at Temple Beth Sholom serves children two through five years of age.  The preschool has been licensed by the State of Connecticut since January, 2000.  The preschool received NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation in March, 2005. K’tanim also runs a weekly Parent/Child Program for parents and/or caregivers and young toddlers ages 14 months to two years. Click for Enrollment Application.


Our nationally accredited Early Childhood Program is a child-centered preschool that encourages children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development within a caring Jewish community.  The K’tanim program’s developmental approach to learning provides direct hands-on educational experience geared to meet the individual needs and interests of each child.  

Both indoors and out, through a variety of play and educational experiences, our goal is to encourage individual growth, while enhancing self-esteem and developing happy, healthy children.  We seek to help children develop as responsible members of a group respecting all people and their differences.

Image The preschool program aims to provide a solid foundation for pre-school children with respect to Jewish values, ceremonies, custom and holidays.  The goal of our program is to help our children to develop a true love for Judaism.  We accomplish this by weaving the rich ta’am (flavor) of Jewish education into our everyday curriculum.  Through literature, celebration, art, language, music and dance, pre-school children are exposed to the symbols, holidays and traditions necessary for developing an awareness and appreciation for being Jewish.


Children with Special Needs

It is our goal to provide programs appropriate for children with special needs within the main framework of existing programs whenever possible.  Referrals to outside agencies will be made with the permission of parents.  We then continue to work closely with any families that receive outside services.

Parent Steering Committee

At K’tanim, we believe that parent involvement is fundamental to a successful preschool program.  Communication between parents and staff is ongoing and based on a shared appreciation for children. 

In developing this essential partnership, The Parent Steering Committee was formed to work closely with the Director and staff in order to establish school policies, coordinate school wide activities, fundraising events, special holidays, and advertising. All parents are encouraged to attend occasional meetings and become involved in the school.


The K’tanim curriculum is developmentally oriented and allows the pre-school child to control much of what he/she is learning.  Lessons are often woven into the child’s activities and there may be a few activities taking place simultaneously.  The emphasis is in teaching children to:        


  • Explore new things and ideas
  • Use new words learned from people, programs and books
  • Be safe in and outside of school
  • Share and get along with others, play fair, take turns
  • Express frustration appropriately
  • Listen to stories, directions, peers and adults
  • Care for themselves and their belongings
  • Know where to go for help
  • Care for living things
  • Care for the environment
  • Act responsibly individually and in a group
  • Develop an appreciation and love for Jewish values
  • Develop social and cognitive kindergarten readiness skills



Currently, K’tanim Nursery School serves two classrooms of students.  The Twos Class capacity consists of 8 children and two teachers.  Two year olds attend school either two or three days a week, from 9:00am -12:30pm or 9am -2pm, flexible scheduling.  For many children, the twos program represents the first experience outside the home with exposure to new adults, peers and a new environment. Some goals encourage youngsters to learn to play alongside one another, learn trust and respect, develop self-esteem and a sense of independence, begin to learn an appreciation for Judaism, its holidays and values.    

The Threes/Fours Class capacity varies by day with at least two teachers and more staff when needed.  The threes/fours group is one classroom space with a mixed age group.  Children attend school from 2 to 5 days a week, from 9:00am – 12:30pm.  Flexible scheduling is available.  

Image Children in this classroom are divided into groups based on any or all of he following criteria:  developmental level, age, interest group.  Days are play based and flexible within a structured environment.  Although there are different goals within this classroom, all children are encouraged to develop friendships, work on conflict resolution, develop self –esteem and a sense of independence, take responsibility and gain an appreciation for Jewish values, holidays and customs.  For older children, there is a necessary emphasis on Kindergarten readiness as well.



The preschool also runs a weekly Parent/Child Playgroup for parents or caregivers and their child/children aged 14 months to two years.  The class meets weekly for one hour.  Each class explores a new theme through music, play, puppetry, movement, literature and art.